About Us Home Element is a local Chicago owned modern furniture retail store. Our stylish wall beds are completely designed and produced in Italy, providing urban dwellers a whole new living concept - Living Efficiently. These wall beds can transform a small studio into a spacious living quarter without the presence of an awkward bed. With the ability to combine either a sofa or a rotating bookcase with a wall bed, the flexible system can not only be used in a studio space but in a one or two bedroom apartment.

Home Element is also the exclusive Chicago carrier for the Jesse spa, an Italian line (www.jessechicago.com). Jesse provides a “total living” concept, emphasizing the balance of comfort and sleekness. Its stylish open wall unit system allows the creation of a wall system, whether free-standing or wall-hung, with your own look and feel. Jesse offers various modular elements such as custom shelves, drop-lid cabinets, drawers, and front and back panels, and over 30 various wood and lacquer choices. As a result, the wall units can fit homes with different levels of modern taste. Besides the open wall system, Jesse also offer custom closets, bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture, all with various custom material and configurations for the most sophisticated interior design needs.